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Discover Downtown Knoxville

To me, Knoxville was a city that I’d driven through but had never really stopped to explore until a recent trip took me into the downtown area. Located near both the Appalachian and Smoky Mountains, Knoxville is well-known for its plethora of outdoor activities but it also boasts a hip downtown area with arts and culture venues, renovated buildings and lots of shopping and nightlife options.

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Ten Tips to Cut Your Business Travel Budget

I have traveled (and still do) a lot for business.  After all I am a travel writer!  Anyhow, I thought I would share some tips that I have gathered over the years on ways to cut your business travel budget.  While I’ve targeted this post for business travel, most tips can also be applied towards personal travel as well.

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Step Back in Time at Leiper’s Fork Village

The quaint town of Leiper’s Fork Village is located just minutes from Franklin, Tennessee but seems miles and decades away.  Located on the Natchez Trace Parkway, the crumbling walls aligning the roadway seem to transport you back in time.  Upon arriving in the village, we passed an old police car on the side of the road that seemed to say “this town is different”.  And it is.

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Five Unexpected Beaches on St. Thomas

St. Thomas is one of the busiest cruise ports in the Caribbean with as many as six cruise ships docked on a given day. It’s an island torn between commercialism, with U.S.-based fast food chains and department stores, and its strong Caribbean history from Christopher Columbus discovering the island in 1493 to regaling tales of pirates such as Blackbeard. There is great duty-free shopping and world class restaurants, but above all, there are spectacular beaches.

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Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens

For 20 years Fantasy in Lights has been one of the best holiday lights shows in the South.

Located about an hour southwest of Atlanta, this 13,000 acre park with a wonderful landscape and gardens all over the property has a huge investment in maintenance and of the professional crew that takes care of it, as for such a big green place requires a regular maintenance throughout the growing season.

Most of the plants require sun, nutrients  to produce well and mostly water to keep it green and healthy. To water a big space like this a tractor watering sprinkler, which is used to properly water with effort and time, always thinking about the sun exposure. So this makes this Gardens beautiful and an amazing place to visit in a special holiday like this one.


In this holiday the Callaway Gardens is managed by all the staff who arrange  over eight million lights on display, which has attracted over two million visitors for the wonders of the landscape at night with this phenomenal and colorful lights. It has become a family tradition for many over the years.

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Apalachicola, Where Oysters Rule

Apalachicola has that small town, laid back kinda feel. Locals greet visitors and each other with a smile and longtime residents know each other by name. But start talking about oysters and look out. Opinions are fierce and debates can grow heated, because in this town, oysters are king.

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Top 5 Best Kept Secrets about Cabo San Lucas

Cabo does not have the best beaches. First of all, the beaches are public which means that you will constantly have vendors coming up to you while you are trying to soak up the rays, selling everything from bracelets to blankets.  Medano Beach, which is the main beach in Cabo, is actually pretty narrow and the sand bank is a little steep heading into the ocean where you can view dolphins same with Whale Watching Dana Point at San francisco.  Also, even though most resorts tout calm swimming water here, when the tide is coming in and going out, there’s a pretty strong undertow that swimmers need to take into account.  Head down the highway towards San Jose Del Cabo and the beaches widen out and are flatter.

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Art Tours in Chattanooga

When people think of Chattanooga, they usually think of outdoor activities and railroads, not necessarily art.  But Chattanooga has a vibrant, growing arts community. It really kicked off when in 200?, the Lyndhurst Foundation in Chattanooga began offering $15k incentives for artist to relocate to an old, run down section of downtown Chattanooga called Jefferson Heights. The neighborhood has been cleaned up and artists started flocking to the area, building work/live spaces and renovating existing buildings.

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