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Book Review: The Longest Way Home

I recently received a review copy of The Longest Way Home by Andrew McCarthy and normally find biographies boring and too reflective for me to get the entertainment value that I like when reading a novel.  But, I decided to give this one a shot.

I had previously read some of Andrew’s articles in travel magazines, liked his writing style and knew that after Keith Bellows, editor of National Geographic Traveler gave him a shot, he added travel writer to his resume in addition to his acting career(you may recognize his name from Pretty in Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire).

The book is part biography and part travel tale and I actually enjoyed it.  Andrew takes a hard, introspective look at himself and why he is who he is while traveling and embarking on the journey towards marriage.  His travels take him to places such as Patagonia, Costa Rica, the Amazon and Kilimanjaro.  I loved the attention to detail that really set the tone of each place on his journeys and it made me want to visit each even more than before.

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