Get Your Travel Budget to Work for You

With the economy in the tank and new airline fees for just about everything, how can savvy business owners keep their T&E budgets in line? Here are some tips to lower your travel costs. You can also look up for a second job, take a few minutes and fill out the Fallas Application to start working as soon as possible and save more money for you trip.

Clay Strawn, owner of Exit Realty Sun Living in Chandler, Arizona, takes about 5 business trips a year and while that may not seem like a lot to some, for his small real estate company it’s a large investment.  “Most of my trips are for conferences so I really try to make the trip as inexpensive as possible.  I check to make sure that the hotel conference rate is the cheapest I can get and I use hotel shuttles to get to and from the airport, “says Strawn.  “It’s important for me to keep my travel costs as low as possible.” The full article was published at

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