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Springpad is an Awesome, Visually Smart, Social iPhone App

I recently received a press release about an app called Springpad which touts itself as an organizing and remembering tool. I’m a loyal and fervent user of Evernote and somewhat of an organizational nut so I was intrigued and decided to check it out for myself. It’s funny that I hadn’t heard of Springpad, even though it was named one of TIME Magazine’s top 50 iPhone apps of 2012.

Considered to be more visual, smart and social than Evernote, Springpad does have some advantages. The free app features Notebook templates like Movies to Watch, Recipes to Try and Books to Read. You can choose from different designs and colors for each notebook which adds a “custom” feel to it.

Once the notebook has been created, you can search and add items. For example, in the Movies to Watch I added Silver Linings Playbook which I want to see one of these days. Not only was the item easy to search, but it added the image of the movie poster, critic reviews, cast info and video links. I could then choose to share my notebook with others or even make it public and allow people to “follow” my notebook.

Springpad PlanningIn addition, Springpad also provides task management with integration to Google Calendar, a personal shopping assistant which alerts you when prices change. Travel planning is also fun using Springpad by “grabbing” or “springing” items such as;

  • Create To-Do and Packing Lists and sync with your calendars, and create alert reminders
  • Collect Ideas and Inspiration you find online of things to do, restaurants to visit, and places to stay
  • Connect to Google Maps, Foursquare and Yelp! for directions and planning your route
  • Track Your Travel Budget and compare prices automatically of products you see and save on the web, and be notified of a price drop
  • Collaborate with your friends, family or whoever you choose to pool your travel ideas and with anyone with which you want to share your itinerary

Here are some examples of real user-created notebooks to plan their vacations;

So for a completely free app (it even has unlimited data storage with Cloud Computing), it’s a keeper. Will I use it for all of my notes-probably not. I still like Evernote’s organizational structure for those. But, I will use Springpad for things like shopping lists, vacation planning lists, movies I want to see, etc.

Look out Evernote, there’s another kid on the block and she’s a little prettier and more social.




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