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Recent Trips

February and March have been fairly busy months! Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods…

In February I was able to spend Mardi Gras in Shreveport, Louisiana. I never would have thunk that Mardi Gras was such a big deal here-but it is.  Lots of festivities, parades and partying but in a family-friendly kinda way, not a Nola way. I have lots of story ideas, just need to get the time to get them on paper (so to speak)!

I am THIS close to inking my hiking guide book deal. I had to do a “test” hike and send it to the publisher and they loved it.  Yay!  I’m just waiting on the final contract.  I’ve set my deadlines and the book should be out Spring/Summer 2013.

This coming weekend the whole fam (including Ruby, our Scottish Terrier) are headed to the Seventy Four Ranch down in Georgia.  This is a working ranch and we’ll be going horseback riding, fishing and lots of other stuff.  More details on that after our visit.

That’s it for a quick update.  I promise I am trying to get better with the regular updates here on the blog section of the website!  Sherry


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