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How to Survive a Zombie Attack

How to Survive a Zombie Attack or Be Prepared When Zombies Invade

People that are prepared and focused when Zombies arise from the dead and start attacking will have a much higher chance for survival than those that are not.

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Here are a few things that everyone can do now to survive a future Zombie attack.

Determine What Type of Zombie You are Dealing With

First things first. Are the people stumbling around really Zombies or are they just the Walking Dead? There is a difference. The Walking Dead are usually Corporate employees that have to get up early and spend their life in a cubicle while getting the life slowly sucked from them. Zombies on the other hand, are people that have actually died and have already been buried. If in doubt, check for a toe tag. Their skin will also be gray and they will not be able to speak. Granted, some of the Walking Dead also have a gray pallor to them, this is due to florescent lighting and not enough sunlight. Speech can also be impeded if it is before they have had their morning coffee.

Head to Walmart or to an Uninhabited Island

Once it has been determined that there are actual Zombies roaming around, head to the nearest Walmart. Clear it out of anyone not liked, Zombie or not. Use force if necessary. Just remember that anyone left in the building will be spending many days and nights together. Walmart has everything one needs to survive for an indefinite period of time. There is food, clothing, guns and ammo. There are TV’s and radios to track the news. There are even games and other entertainment options to while away time while the Zombies are slowly dying off (again).

Of course, an uninhabited island would be a good alternative if there is access to a boat to get there. For those that live on the coast it might be possible. Just make sure that the island has a food and water supply. Some zombie movies have shown zombies walking on the ocean floor since they don’t need to breathe but there has never been a depiction of a zombie fish so the odds are that the fish would eat the zombies before they reached the island.

Advanced Preparations

There are several video and computer games on the market that will give anyone practice killing zombies. Get one of these and be prepared to spend countless hours perfecting the tactic and aim that will be needed.

Watch Michael Jacksons’ Thriller video over and over. Yes, it will show that Zombies cannot dance but it will give insight into how they move about and moan.

Canadian scientists at the Carleton University in Ottawa have recently developed a mathematical formula for calculating the odds on dealing with a zombie outbreak. Download the pdf file and keep this formula handy for calculations that will be needed.

Purchase the Zombie Survival Handbook. Yes, there is one. It will be handy to have a reference guide to refer to for sticky situations such as figuring out how much time a friend has until completely turning into a zombie and has to be killed or in trying to figure out what kind of explosive will work best on the zombie soccer moms that are trying to get into the Walmart.

So be prepared….it could happen tomorrow.

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