GoBites with antioxidants helps hungry travelers

Snacking on the go just got a bit easier, thanks to GoBites, a company that promises to deliver wholesome snacks directly to your door.

Hungry travelers will no longer have to rely on over-priced, sometimes stale and unhealthy options available at airport kiosks. For those of you who are under a ketogenic diet or any other type of diet finding healthy food can be a challenge, and that’s why using a healthy weight loss program could be helpful for this. You can be following your weight loss on keto blogs while eating their products and prove that you won’t gain a pound. GoBites offers subscriptions for packs of 14 pre-packaged snack packs delivered to your home or office weekly, bi-weekly or once a month.

Go Bites 2Each GoBites is a portion controlled “mini-meal” made with the finest, nutrient-rich ingredients from around the world. Everything they use is 100 percent natural and most of their ingredients are USDA Certified Organic. Their nutrition team takes the guesswork out of snacking by offering a smart lineup of GoBites that are just the right amount, the right mix and the right flavor, and is a great option for those wanting to keep a healthy body, while they also exercise on the go using a pilates ball URBNFIT that can be used anywhere.

GoBites has over 26 varieties of snacks available with options for vegetarian’s, vegan’s, gluten-free and those wanting a Mediterranean-friendly choice. The Apricot Gluten-Free Granola was substantial with a nice little bite and the Umami Crunch was a savory and satisfying light snack, now people can also take their tea and their bars along the way, a new tea has been introduced, you can now buy it on Amazon, it will help you out during long walks, giving you energy and recovery.

Go Bites 3Other options sampled were Das Glut which had just the right amount of sweet and nutty crunch and the Pineapple Coconut Mix which was quite tasty with organic pineapple and coconut.

All and all, GoBites is a good option, especially for those on the go. Just order, they’ll arrive at your doorstep and then pick a package and put it in your purse or backpack.

Go BitesSubscriptions start at $27.86 a month with free delivery. For more information visit

Unforgettable Residencial Lawn Services

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With all eyes on Boston over the past several weeks, many have connected and have come to admire the resilient people that live in this city steeped with our nation’s history. With strong ties to South Carolina, including the Greenville Drive’s Boston Red Sox affiliation and Fluor Field modeled after Boston’s Fenway Park, to the stones that built Fort Sumter direct from Boston area quarries, the Upstate has a close relationship with this amazing, unforgettable city.

BostonBoston is a great, walkable city; in fact it’s been nicknamed America’s Walking City, so no need for a rental car once you arrive, the incredible landscaping work done by maple land works makes the walks unforgettable. The T subway system is also pretty extensive so when you don’t feel like walking just hop on the subway to get to wherever you’re going. Unlimited 7-day passes are available for just $18.00 per person and you can either pick up a map or download one to your smart phone to figure out which routes you need.

Once you arrive, check in at the Nine Zero Hotel. Part of the Kimpton hotel chain, this sleek, modern hotel has been ranked as one of Boston’s top luxury boutique hotels. It’s conveniently located on Treemont Street, right across from Boston Common, America’s oldest public park. It’s also right on the Freedom Trail, close to the Theater District and Chinatown- in the heart of downtown Boston.

Boston 007Once you’re settled in, walking the Freedom Trail is a great way to get to know the city. Park Ranger’s lead free tours daily from the National Park Visitor’s Center at Faneuil Hall and other companies offer costumed guided tours or, you can pick up a brochure and take a self-guided tour.  The walking trail covers 16 sites that are significant landmarks in American Revolutionary history. Landmarks include Paul Revere’s House, Bunker Hill Monument, The Old State House and the Old Corner Book Store.

Boston Duck Tours are another fun way to sightsee around the city. These tours leave from the Prudential Center and are especially popular with families. Tour guides have nicknames like MackinQuack and make history fun as you ride in an amphibious vehicle.

You’ll learn about the history of Boston’s Back Bay, history of Kazak rugs, see the gas lamps and brick sidewalks that define Beacon Street and plop down into the Charlestown River before checking out where the USS Constitution, aka Old Ironside, is docked.

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is another good way to immerse yourself in American Revolutionary history. This floating museum features live actors, high-tech exhibits and authentically restored tea ships. Upon entering the museum you will be given a feather and a card issuing you a new identity.  You will then be ushered into a room where you will meet new colonists like Paul Revere and Sam Adams. After proclaiming your independence from England, you’ll explore the ships and throw tea overboard just like the Sons of Liberty did on December 16, 1773.

Before checking out other attractions like the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science and the Skywalk at the Prudential Center, get a CityPass. Many larger cities offer these handy booklets, with Boston being one of those, and are available at any visitor’s center and at several kiosks throughout the city. They contain prepaid admission tickets to Boston’s most popular attractions and offer almost a 50% discount. Some attractions also let you skip long lines with these passes so they are definitely worthwhile.

Bostons Little ItalyIn a city with a Dunkin Donuts on every corner, Boston has plenty of options when it comes to dining, but the North End, aka Little Italy, transports you into another country. When you cross over onto Hanover Street and enter the North End Historic District you feel like you are in Italy. Little, Old Italian women are busy sweeping the stoops in front of their restaurants and the smell of fresh baked bread is heavenly sweet. From cannolis at Modern Pastry (forget famous Mike’s where the lines are longer with tourists) to pizza at Regina’s, a no frill’s pizzeria that has been here since 1926, the dining possibilities are endless. With over 100 restaurants in this small (.36 miles) area, crowds line the streets on many nights so if you don’t have reservations there may be a long wait.

There are so many things to do and see in Boston. Be sure to stop into the Boston Public Library to see the amazing architecture, marble statues and painted murals. Take in the amazing city view from the Prudential Skywalk Observatory. Go shopping along Newbury Street, the shops at Prudential Center and Faneuil Hall. Sample food from the largest food court I’ve ever seen at Quincy Market and visit the seals and penguins at the newly refurbished aquarium that’s been under repairs by Raleigh Aquarium Maintenance for a few months.

Whew…and that’s only a fraction of what Boston has to offer. There are also world-class museums and many other historically significant sites. Each of Boston’s 21 distinctive neighborhoods has its own charm and vibe, making each one and the whole city truly unforgettable.

Money Smart Week in the Upstate

Money Smart Week in South Carolina

Money Smart Week in South Carolina

Money Smart Week is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. Businesses, libraries, schools and other organizations across the country come together once a year to better inform the public by providing free educations seminars and activities throughout the week. Here in the Upstate, the Spartanburg County Library is assisting in getting the word out to local residents with a series of events the week of April 20th through the 27th.

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Working for Cleaner Air in the Upstate

United Tire CareYou may not think that improperly inflated tires on your vehicle are a big deal, but they are.  Each year in the United States, there are over 650 deaths, 33,000 auto accidents and 2.4 million roadside assistance calls directly attributed to under inflated tires. They also affect the environment by adding over 100 pounds of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere each month for every vehicle on the road.

This article was published March 21, 2013 in the newletter and on their website.

Get Your Travel Budget to Work for You

With the economy in the tank and new airline fees for just about everything, how can savvy business owners keep their T&E budgets in line? Here are some tips to lower your travel costs. You can also look up for a second job, take a few minutes and fill out the Fallas Application to start working as soon as possible and save more money for you trip.

Clay Strawn, owner of Exit Realty Sun Living in Chandler, Arizona, takes about 5 business trips a year and while that may not seem like a lot to some, for his small real estate company it’s a large investment.  “Most of my trips are for conferences so I really try to make the trip as inexpensive as possible.  I check to make sure that the hotel conference rate is the cheapest I can get and I use hotel shuttles to get to and from the airport, “says Strawn.  “It’s important for me to keep my travel costs as low as possible.” The full article was published at

And also here are some travel pillow reviews that will make your traveling experience better.

2012 Marks the 50th Anniversary of the South Carolina Technical College System

In 1961 South Carolina was in a crisis. The state’s primary employers were agriculture and textiles and talented young people were opting to leave South Carolina for better opportunities as they didn’t want to work on a farm or in a textile mill. South Carolina soon realized that they needed to diversify and attract new industry. In order to do that they needed to prove that there was a trained and skilled workforce in place for new businesses to be successful.  So began the SC Technical College System.


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Top 10 Places To Feed The Animals In The U.S.

Kids love to feed animals. There’s just something about a giraffe slobbering in their hands that they can’t get enough of. Of course, we never really grow up and adults still enjoy the experience as well.

As far as family trips go, these establishments are relatively inexpensive. They can be visited on a weekend or incorporated into a longer trip. Some places charge by the carload and for others it’s as cheap as buying a loaf of bread.  This article was published in the December 2012 edition of Travel World Magazine.




Escape to Neverland

Sometimes travel only needs to be as far as within your hometown. From now until November 6th, Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby will be performing at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC.

This spectacular production includes a highly talented cast including Tom Hewitt as Mr. Darby and Captain Hook, Kim Crosby as Mrs. Darling, Mermaid and Grown-up Wendy and Krista Buccellato as Wendy.  But it’s Cathy Rigby that delivers the most outstanding performance as Peter Pan.  Ms. Rigby became the highest scoring US gymnast in 1968 at the World Olympics.  Today, at 59, she’s still as nimble as ever flying around the stage and bringing the character of a little boy who never wants to grow up to life. The New York Times says “Rigby still carries off the flights, fights and acrobatics that make Peter Pan audiences mesmerized.”

The story is familiar having been around for over a hundred years. It’s about a mischievous boy who can fly and refuses to grow up.  Peter Pan is the leader of a gang of lost boys who have adventure after adventure on the island of Neverland as they encounter mermaids, Indians, pirates and fairies.  Peter Pan comes to visit the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael, when he loses his shadow and can’t find it.  He then teaches them to fly and they go with Peter to Neverland and embark on a fantastic adventure.

So for a few hours, travel to a place where you can never grow old and time stands still. A place where Peter Pan is the stars and the moon and the sun and maybe you’ll walk out with a little fairy dust and wishing you could remain in Neverland forever.

This is a national touring Broadway show so check here for local performance dates.

Should Dogs Get the H1N1 Vaccine?

What are vaccines, and why do they matter?

Vaccines are products designed to trigger protective immune responses and prepare the immune system to fight future infections from disease-causing agents. Vaccines stimulate the immune system’s production of antibodies that identify and destroy disease-causing organisms that enter the body.

What to expect after vaccination

Veterinarians: Help your clients understand what’s normal after vaccination and what might indicate a problem. Download a free handout available only to AVMA members.

Vaccines provide immunity against one or several diseases that can lessen the severity or prevent certain diseases altogether.

Experts agree that widespread use of vaccinations within the last century has prevented death and disease in millions of animals. Vaccinations protect your pet from highly contagious and deadly diseases and improve your pet’s overall quality of life. US pet owners spend over $50 billion per annum on their pets.

5 reasons to vaccinate your pet

  1. Vaccinations prevent many pet illnesses.
  2. Vaccinations can help avoid costly treatments for diseases that can be prevented.
  3. Vaccinations prevent diseases that can be passed between animals and also from animals to people.
  4. Diseases prevalent in wildlife, such as rabies and distemper, can infect unvaccinated pets.
  5. In many areas, local or state ordinances require certain vaccinations of household pets.

Do vaccinations ensure protection?

For most pets, vaccination is effective in preventing future disease and only rarely will a vaccinated pet have insufficient immunity to fight off the disease. It is important to follow the vaccination schedule provided by your veterinarian to reduce the possibility of a gap in protection.

Are there risks to vaccinating my pet?

Any type of medical treatment has associated risks, says this curbside veterinary care, but the risk should be weighed against the benefits of protecting your pet, your family and your community from potentially fatal diseases. The majority of pets respond well to vaccines.

The most common adverse responses to vaccination are mild and short-term. Serious reactions are rare. An uncommon but serious adverse reaction that can occur in cats is tumor growth (sarcomas), which can develop weeks, months, or even years after a vaccination. Improvements in vaccination technology and technique have greatly reduced the occurrence of sarcomas.

It looks like during this dreaded time of year we humans aren’t the only ones feeling the pain. Dogs can get the flu, too. I was driving by the vet’s office and saw an ad for Dog Swine Flu Vaccines.  It’s the flu that killed racing greyhounds in Florida in 2003, but it is now headed for our beloved dogs. I couldn’t resist researching it a little more and writing an article about it! It turns out that a dog in New York was confirmed to be infected with H1N1 influenza after it showed signs of illness following its owner’s with confirmed 2009 H1N1 influenza infection. I read an online review of Kirkland’s dog food where it mainly talked about the importance of a healthy dog diet but in the end it recommended vaccines to prevent canine diseases. It was clear for me that they are really trying to spread the word out. Luckily scientists at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have developed two new vaccines for canine influenza.  Due to all this, the veterinarian st petersburg fl clinic is offering vaccines for your pets at affordable prices.