Experience the French Countryside in Travelers Rest at Hotel Domestique

Whether you’re searching what to do in Turks and CaicosWith, or looking to access the most premium manicured vineyards and long-range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the luxurious Hotel Domestique is perched atop 29 acres of rolling hills amongst fountains, lush gardens, and courtyards.

Brothers George and Rich Hincapie purchased the 13-room French-inspired hotel, formerly named La Bastide, from foreclosure in 2011 and spent two years and millions of dollars transforming it into a luxury boutique hotel with a slant on cycling. Both George and Rich grew up in the cycling world. George, who retired from pro cycling, competed 17 times in the Tour de France, sometimes alongside teammate Lance Armstrong. George and Rich also own Hincapie Sports, which specializes in custom clothing and accessories for cyclists.

This article was published November 2014 at See the South and OurUpstateSC.info

Spotlight on the Mountain Lakes Business Development Corporation: Helping Entrepreneurs in the Upstate

MLBDC's Oconee Center

MLBDC’s Oconee Center

Working with a team of volunteers and in partnership with the Tri-County Technical College and Clemson’s Small Business Development Center, the non-profit Mountain Lakes Business Development Center (MLBDC) works to help budding entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

Utilizing mentors, offering education opportunities, and providing a cost-effective, shared-use business development facility, the MLBDC helps Upstate residents in Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties start new businesses and grow existing ones.

This article was published February 28, 2013. Click here to read the full article.

Spartanburg Gives Thanks through the County Foundation’s Annual Community Thanksgiving Service

Thanksgiving began as a time to celebrate the end of a good harvest season. And while that may still be true for our country’s farmers, others use it as a time of year to reflect and express what they are thankful for; be it good health, a steady job or their family.  It’s also a time when many seek out to assist those that are less fortunate. This article was published in the OurUpstateSC.info site and newsletter.  For the full article click here.

The Sparkling Holiday Tradition of Tiny Town

Nothing says the holidays are here more than twinkling lights and a Christmas village, but Tiny Town in Easley, South Carolina takes things to a whole new level. An annual tradition for thousands of people, this free-to-the-public display features building replica’s lit up creating an entire mini-town.  This article was published in the Nov/Dec 2012 edition of Foothills Spotlight Magazine.

Halloween is Brewing With Fun at These Upstate Attractions

The leaves are falling and the temperatures are finally starting to get cooler.  What does that mean?  That it’s almost Halloween in the Upstate.  The Upstate has a ton of great options for Halloween, whether you want a scary woods experience, a haunted house or a family friendly event, the Upstate has something for everyone’s ghoulish tastes.  This article was published at OutUpstateSC.info.  For the full article, click here.

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Performing and Visual Arts Events this fall in the Upstate

Fall in the Upstate becomes not only a time when the temperatures start to drop and the leaves turn to vibrant shades of red and gold but also a time when we tend to slow down and reflect.  Performing and visual arts are one way to admire the vast talent that is right in our own backyard. While most of us know to check the bigger venues like the Peace Center in Greenville and the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg for such events, there are also other venues and other communities in the Upstate that have some great happenings as well. This article was published at OurUpstateSC.info and See the South.

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Fluor, One Hundred Years and Still Going Strong

Fluor Corporation has been a major corporation in the Greenville landscape for 78 of the company’s 100 years. The company was originally founded in Southern California as a general contracting business by Swiss immigrant John Simon Fluor in 1912.  Fluor invested $100 into his humble construction company to get it off the ground. Today, the FORTUNE 200 Company is headquartered in Irving, Texas, has 30 offices on six continents, employees 45,000 people and had revenue last year of $23.4 billion.

This article was published by OurUpstateSC.info.  For the full article click here.

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Want to go on a safari and see movie stars this summer without breaking the bank?  Well you can do both at Hollywild Animal Park in Inman, South Carolina.  Upon arriving at the park, you’ll soon realize this isn’t your typical zoo.  If the dirt parking lot and no-frills exterior doesn’t give it away, the prompt attention by one of the many roaming animals will. Chickens, peacocks, ducks and other tame animals greet visitors as they enter the park.

This article was published in the July/August 2012 edition of Foothills Spotlight Magazine.

Hollywild Article for Foothills Spotlight Magazine

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BMW, the Ultimate Roadside Attraction in South Carolina

Most of us jump in our car and are just happy that it gets us from point A to point B, never giving any thought to its mechanics or how it was made.  But a visit to the BMW Zentrum Visitors Center and a tour of the BMW manufacturing facility in Greer will change that. Even non-car aficionados will enjoy watching the robots putting the cars together as they move down the assembly line, checking out the Z3 Roadster used in the James Bond movie, “Golden Eye” and  seeing the small Isetta cars that were manufactured in the 1940’s and 50’s post-war era. This article was published in the July/August 2012 edition of Foothills Spotlight Magazine.

BMW Article for Foothills Spotlight Magazine

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Discover Louisiana’s Other Side

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” might once have described the dynamic duo of Shreveport and Bossier City, in northwest Louisiana, but no more. Once known more for its river boat casinos than anything else, “SBC” is no longer a seedy gambling place. Today, the cities have thriving downtowns, progressive arts and film venues and outstanding cuisine. As the wedding metaphor goes, the area is now every bit the beautiful bride as The Big Easy, in the diagonally opposite corner of the state.

This article was published by Cityroom.com and The Simpsonville Sentinel and See the South.

To read the print version of the article, please use the links below.

Grits and Groceries

Grits and Groceries is a contrast of contradictions. It’s seemingly out in the middle of nowhere yet it’s a busy little place. It has the exterior of a greasy, dive cafe’ but you’ll find they serve high-quality, fresh local cuisine. You don’t expect to find seasoned Paris-trained chefs from New Orleans, who worked with Emeril Lagasse, but here they are.

This article was published by ourupstateinfo.info and at See the South. For the whole article, click here.


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Ten Tips to Cut Your Business Travel Budget

I have traveled (and still do) a lot for business.  After all I am a travel writer!  Anyhow, I thought I would share some tips that I have gathered over the years on ways to cut your business travel budget.  While I’ve targeted this post for business travel, most tips can also be applied towards personal travel as well.

This article was published at View on Travel.  Read the full article here.

Best New Blackberry Apps

Article published in October 2010 Beckett Guide to Phone Apps

Best New Blackberry Apps
By Sherry Jackson

With over 10,000 Blackberry apps now on the market, Blackberry users are downloading over a million apps each day. RIM, the maker of Blackberry devices is encouraging developers more than ever to create new apps by holding contests and summits. Here are some of the best new Blackberry Apps on the market today.

Feeds-Google Client Reader
Price: $2.99
Company: CDJ Studios
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This app allows you to read your Google RSS Feeds on your device and synch up with Google Reader. Article feeds will automatically be downloaded (there’s a setting that also lets you control how many download at one time) when synched and items that you read on your Blackberry will be marked as read and vice versa. Folders and feeds can be marked as read with one click and you can read items while offline. The app is also optimized for minimal battery and memory usage.

Grape Theme
Price: Free
Company: MMMOOO
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Not really an app, but worth mentioning, is the Grape Theme from MMMOOO. Designer Lee Jong-Young was the first runner up in the Blackberry Theme Design Competition held in South Korea held earlier this year. Themes for the Blackberry continue to be popular as they let users customize their device.

Moneysend by Mastercard
Price: Free
Company: Mastercard
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This free app from MasterCard lets you transfer money using your Blackberry via a virtual prepaid account. Just link up your existing debit card, credit card or checking account and designate to whom you wish to send money. It’s a quick easy way to exchange money without ever stepping foot in a bank. The information is not stored on the Blackberry so it’s safe and secure. The only caveats are that you have to be a US Citizen and belong to a participating bank or credit union.

Price: Free
Company: Multiplied Media Corporation
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Poynt has actually been around for a while but their newest update makes it worth noting. The biggest upgrade is the enabling of the BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server). This handy app provides information on what’s around you. You can find business listings, restaurants, movie times, weather information and more. The app uses GPS and Cell towers to determine where you are and then searches websites, yellow page directories, contacts and maps to provide the information.

Photobucket 2.0 Mobile App
Price: FREE
Company: Photobucket
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Photobucket is one of the top online photo sharing and storage sites with over 100 million subscribers. This newly updated app provides Blackberry users the ability to upload photos, download images onto your phone and search their media library which contains billions of photos. You can also view and manage your Photobucket album.

College Themes
Price: $4.99
Company: Access Lane Inc
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
This is actually a collection of new themes all geared towards College sports. Search for your favorite college team on the Blackberry App World website or from the BWA application on your phone and download. The themes come with wallpaper, animation and ring tones.

TreadIt Pedometer
Price: $2.99
Company: VirtualViews.com
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The perfect app for athletes and couch potatoes, this app will keep track of how many steps you take while running or walking. Most physicians recommend at least 10,000 steps per day. You can also set alarms and track distance, calories burned, time and speed. All results are stored in a log that can be viewed, emailed or published to Facebook.

Deer Hunter African Safari
Price: $6.99
Company: Glu Games Inc
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The newest game app from Glu Games, Inc is touted as the most realistic mobile hunting game on the market and is based on the best-selling game from Atari. The game does have pretty good graphics and players can hunt big game in several different African countries. It has a shooting gallery mode as well as Quick Hunt or multi-day hunting excursions.

Starbucks Card Mobile App
Price: Free
Company: Starbucks
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This app makes paying for your daily cup of java easier! Starbucks is testing this app at 16 trial stores in Northern California and Seattle as well as in all Starbuck stores in the more than 1000 U.S. Target locations. Simply enter your card number and the app will display a barcode that you show to the cashier to scan. You can also check your balance and reward stars as well as register your card. This app is one of the few that is NOT available via the Blackberry App store, just text GO to 70845 to download.

Trillian IM App
Price: $4.99
Company: Cerulean Studios, Inc
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This IM application for your Blackberry allows users to IM with multiple platforms including Facebook Chat, AIM, Yahoo, MSN and more, send and receive pictures and messages and will even synch with your desktop Trillian contacts. There are still some bugs that are being reported but overall it’s a solid IM app with lots of great features.

The Increasing Cost of Air Travel

Article I wrote for Entrepreneur.com…


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