Backpacking Through India: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

India, the jewel of Asia and the travelers’ paradise. Every year thousands of people head for the majestic land that is India. While most stay in luxury, other choose to rough it and backpack their way through the countryside. While this sounds like the biggest adventure of your life, if not carefully planned the trip may go awry. If you are reading this article, then chances are you are already dead set on backpacking. If this is the case, or you not 100% on board then read on to learn the dos and don’ts of backpacking in India.

Expenses of travel through India

India can be as cheap as it is expensive, but with careful planning, you can make those pennies stretch. Before you go out to eat or book trains or buses, do your research on the cheapest rates available. Act like you are a local, otherwise, you are likely to be taken for a very expensive tuk-tuk ride when you could have taken a ride on the bus of less. Before you leave research and plan a route to take on your backpacking journey, so you can budget accordingly and never carry more cash than you need as pickpocketing of tourists is a common complaint. A portable solution from to your device charging problems, a backpack with a solar cell can help you relieve your stress on those days where you forget to charge up.

Choose your destinations wisely

For the most part, India is friendly to backpackers but the expenses of living vary from state to state, so make sure you can afford to stay where you plan to travel and avoid tourist trap areas because they have the worst rate hikes I have ever seen.

How much time should I spend on a backpacking trip in India?

That is like asking me what the winning lottery numbers are. But if I am being serious the four weeks is ample time to be able to see all the hotspots and a few places off the beaten track. 

Where should I begin my journey?

Now that one is up to you. If you are the type of tourist who wants to backpack, then you probably don’t want to start in a major hub. Use the internet to research other backpackers route and see what works for you. If it was me, I would start my trip in the north (Dehli, Rajasthan) and then work my way down the country. If you want to end the trip on a high note, then head on down to Goa for sun, sand, and beaches!

What type of insurance do I need?

If you are backpacking then you are roughing it, so I would recommend you get full coverage travel insurance and make sure all of your health insurance will be covered. India is a beautiful country, but it also has diseases and bacteria that you may not be accustomed or immune to. On that note, it may be prudent to bring some water purification tablets with you as some backpackers have gotten a little green in the face from the drinking water.

As for funding, of course it’s best to prepare for the spending on this trip months before. However, if you do need immediate cash but have a negative credit rating, you can still borrow a considerable amount via bad credit rating payday loans. Just make sure that you borrow only what you can repay.

So those are just a few of the tips and tricks we have for a successful trip to India, Good luck and have a safe and happy journey.


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