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Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens

For 20 years Fantasy in Lights has been one of the best holiday lights shows in the South.

Located about an hour southwest of Atlanta, this 13,000 acre park with a wonderful landscape and gardens all over the property has a huge investment in maintenance and of the professional crew that takes care of it, as for such a big green place requires a regular maintenance throughout the growing season.

Most of the plants require sun, nutrients  to produce well and mostly water to keep it green and healthy. To water a big space like this a tractor watering sprinkler, which is used to properly water with effort and time, always thinking about the sun exposure. So this makes this Gardens beautiful and an amazing place to visit in a special holiday like this one.


In this holiday the Callaway Gardens is managed by all the staff who arrange  over eight million lights on display, which has attracted over two million visitors for the wonders of the landscape at night with this phenomenal and colorful lights. It has become a family tradition for many over the years.

This article was published December 8, 2011 on View on Travel.  For the full article, please click here.

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