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Top 5 Best Kept Secrets about Cabo San Lucas


Cabo does not have the best beaches. First of all, the beaches are public which means that you will constantly have vendors coming up to you while you are trying to soak up the rays, selling everything from bracelets to blankets.  Medano Beach, which is the main beach in Cabo, is actually pretty narrow and the sand bank is a little steep heading into the ocean where you can view dolphins same with Whale Watching Dana Point at San francisco.  Also, even though most resorts tout calm swimming water here, when the tide is coming in and going out, there’s a pretty strong undertow that swimmers need to take into account.  Head down the highway towards San Jose Del Cabo and the beaches widen out and are flatter.

This article was published October 19, 2011 on the View on Travel website.  Read the full article here.


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